Intuitive Business Mastermind:

Uplevel your energy, habits,

thoughts and revenue.

Are you feeling like it’s time to stop treading water in your business? 

Like there’s this energy pushing you forward...


And it's time to finally, finally own your Truth and believe in your magic –– and bring that energy to your business.


(I'll go ahead and tell you: you're right.  It is time.  And I can show you how.)

You know you and your business are meant for more.


And yet...


You find yourself stuck in the same old self-sabotaging patterns.


Maybe you underprice yourself, or you're stuck in a lack mindset, that keeps you  from putting forward bigger proposals or programs.  (Because what does it mean about you if they say no?)


Or perhaps you're stuck in the story of working hard.  If you charge more, then things might get easy, and then you're a slacker.


Or maybe you're constantly scambling last-minute to get things done, rather than planning ahead. You know you need to put yourself out there... but you don't want to do it so you put it off, because if you can't be seen, you can't be judged.


You know you need to change.  In fact, you've probably tried.  But you just haven't been able to make that shift yet.


Let's do it together.


That's what the Intuitive Business Mastermind is all about.


Intuitive Business Mastermind is for entrepreneurs who are ready to say yes to their purpose, that magic inside of you, so you can serve through your business with ease.


And that is the key... EASE.


As the saying goes, what got you here, won't get you there.  You can't push your way into this next level.


Instead, you need to connect with your Truth, amplify your Inner Connection on a deeper level, and work with your business as a co-creative partner in the process and with the universe at a higher level.


Uplevel your energy, habits, thoughts and your revenue will follow.


Join me in an intimate circle of 22 ambitious entrepreneurs for the next three months as we collectively take our businesses to the next level.


In this 3 month journey you will:


Month 1: Master Your Energy and Act with Intention and Clarity...and Become More Productive that You Ever Were When You Worked Hard


Month 2:  Master Your Thoughts and Create Your Dream Business, Dream Life and Dream You.


Month 3: Transform Your Relationship with Time to make Quantum Leaps in Your Business



Just imagine...what would it feel like to be...

  • More courageous and productive in your business, getting so much more done in a shorter time. 
  • Confident, making decisions more easily and attracting in new clients as you courageously share what you do!
  • More creative, and more in tune developing new content and new offers with ease.
  • Stay in a higher vibration more consistently because you are connecting in with a high vibe community daily... dropping fear and worry from your energy field.


Make a Quantum Leap in your business 

with the focus of Mastering the habit of good energy and empowered thinking.


I'm inviting you to release layers of:

Stories of Working Hard

Self Sabotaging Patterns like Procrastination

Money Worries

Fears of Failure, Rejection

Shame & Guilt


Together, let's reclaim:

Your True Worth


Inner Power






I understand how my past thought patterns and habits were hindering my success.


Thank you Jennifer for an amazing journey!  I have gained an understanding of how my past thought patterns and habits were hindering my success and now feel truly ready to embrace my passion and move my business forward.  I am confident that the powerful message and tools you've provided will keep me on track.  I'm getting out of my own way to start moving my ideas into action.

Susan, Canada


Intuitive Business Mastermind

Monday, May 17th - Tuesday, August 17th


Program includes:

  • Daily Teachings - live 15-30 minute calls led by Jennifer Lyall, sharing teachings of the Universal Laws, energy, intuition, faith and beyond to support you with expanding in your business.
    May 17- August 17th @7am ET (Toronto/New York) Monday- Friday (even holidays)
  • Community so you don't have to go through this upgrade on your own, through a private Facebook Group you can ask questions and celebrate your wins.
  • Daily Accountability Check-in to keep you courageously moving forward.
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching to discuss questions that arise as you implement the teachings and bump up against the edges of your comfort zone.
    Tuesdays 1-2pm ET (Toronto/New York)
  • Bi-Weekly Energy Clearings to welcome in ease, release resistance (release Karma, vows, contracts, Promises +++), upgrade your energy field and download activation codes
    Tuesdays 1-2pm ET (Toronto/New York)
  • Summer Solstice Ceremony and Activation Codes
    • Monday, June 21st  9:30 am - 11am EST


You're 3 months away from a completely different business  –– and a magically empowered you.


Join us and reserve your spot in the cohort.


(Remember, there's only 22 spots available, so make sure you reserve yours today.)


"Jennifer  has a serene yet powerful goddess essence about her. 

I felt very relaxed and drifted away to other spaces while she helped to lift a protective layer and a deep past life lingering sadness I no longer needed. I felt shimmering waves of what I thought to be stuff that no longer served me lifting from my body so Jennifer could clear it. Almost like another whole body hovering above mine from my past or other pasts that was blocking forward movement. Now I feel light and clear and ready to allow and trust the good that will come in. I am more open to receiving than ever before in this lifetime. Thank you thank you thank you Jennifer. You are a precious and loving presence in this world. Namaste"


Shani, Canada

Mastermind Leader


Jennifer Lyall is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Chief Energy Optimizer.  


As a sought after spiritual development expert she helps you to expand your personal awareness and take responsibility for your energy and how you’re showing up in life. This expanded inner awareness helps you to confidently make decisions, be happier and more present in your relationships, work productively and enjoy a career that builds you up and energizes you!


Jennifer is passionate about sharing everyday easy to implement “energy boosters” to bring more calm, mindfulness and joy into your life.


Jennifer is a member of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and is an international best selling author and inspirational speaker. 

Join now!

I want you to know what it feels like to run a business when you're feeling like you, in all of your power.  You're ready for this. It's going to be an amazing group and a transformational 3 months.


Your next step is now. You deserve this.  And the world need more you.

So let's do this!


Option 1:

3 monthly payments



Registration closes May 15th

Option 2:



Registration closes May 15th

Kirsten's story...

Does good energy really make a difference?

Kirsten discovered how much she was undervaluing her services and giving away so much for free.  As she checked her energy, she realized she was exhausted and just getting by.  She drew a line in the sand and is now charging more for her programs, upgrading the type of client she attracts and created stronger boundaries with clients.  She's taking better care of herself and believing more in what she has to offer.


Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What exactly is a Mastermind?

This is early!  Do I have to have my camera on?

Are the calls recorded?

Do we meet every morning? And what will be doing on the calls?

What does the accountability aspect look like?

What are Activation Codes?

Have you ever had to type in a code to activate software or an App?  This is the same kind of thing, but rather than being a number, may be a symbol or phrase.  And the intention to to sync up your energy, with what you already know inside of you, to create a deeper connection to your purpose, divine timing, the soul of your business and more.   As you use these codes (I'll show you how), you'll develop a profound knowing of what to do to step into your Truth.

I haven't worked with energy before, but I'm curious, is that a problem?

This sounds great!  How do I join?

Thank you!

We appreciate your trust!

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