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Drop Overwhelm and Get Real Results!

Here's your Easy Path to Success that Makes Your Heart Sing

In the From Scattered to Focused eCourse

you'll prioritize your amazing ideas and create an easy to implement action plan.  You'll learn how to:

  • Reconnect with your Inner Wisdom

    You have the answers inside of you.  In this eCourse, you’ll learn how to easily tune in and trust the guidance you’re receiving.

  • Make a Plan that Creates Flow instead of Resistance in your Business

    Instead of juggling multiple initiatives that are good, but detract you from your purpose, your plan will help you make decisions confidently as opportunities arise, with a simple focus to get you to your goals.

  • Master your Energy

    More consistent energy is available to you, and it’s the key to staying focused!

  • Understand and Acknowledge How you Truly Want to Live

    Stop making autopilot choices that keep you stuck.  Make soul aligned decisions that support your purpose and values.

  • Step into the New Version of You

    Live as the version of you that knows exactly what you want and trusts your gut for how to create it.

  • Plus! A Supportive Community

    You’ll be welcomed into a private community of intuitively focused entrepreneurs to ask questions and share your experiences with.

Most of all, you’ll benefit from my decade + of experience working with energy (although, I have been using energy since I was 4 years old, and just didn’t realize it)! 


I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about energy and why all of the leading performance experts are talking about why energy management is more important than time management for achieving your goals.


I created this course, so you too, could learn how to shift from Scattered to Focused by mastering your energy and stepping into a whole new way of living that is easy.


What People are Saying

Jennifer’s  guidance helped me find clarity from the scattered thoughts that had bounced around in my mind regarding the future direction my business should go.


Burlington, Canada

Jennifer supported me to turn inwards to clearly define what my true business passion is and to have a clearer focus for my current work and empower me to feel new motivation to move forward.


Oakville, Canada


Waterdown, Canada

Thank you Jennifer.  Feeling peaceful and full of energy for the next step.


Burlington, Canada

With her help my blank canvas started to take form, a structure and service offerings for my business became clearer.

Meet the Creator


Jennifer Lyall

Jennifer blends intuition with business strategy to help ambitious female entrepreneurs who are losing control with too many ideas and too much to juggle, to get centred and focused. She helps you learn to master your energy and intuition so you can uplevel your impact and income, while doing what makes your heart sing.   


Her genius is tuning in to the energy of ideas, people, places and situations to help you prioritize in your business and create a plan for moving forward. As a long time energy worker and intuitive, not only does she read your energy, but she teaches you how to master your energy giving you more confidence and stronger boundaries. You start to live your life as the True You.


She’s helped million dollar entrepreneurs make some of the most important decisions of their life using the best decision making tool available - their gut instinct. Using her signature program she helps connect the wisdom of your three minds (logical, emotional and intuitive) so that you never doubt your inner guidance again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this course cost anything?

    At the current time, No. I've been inspired to make this course available for free, in order to help uplift the energy in the world and make these important teachings accessible to any entrepreneur who wants to fulfill their purpose through their business.  It’s for anyone, who wants to be a powerful creator in their life. In other words, you've earned full access to this course with ease through your vibration.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    As long as this course is available, you will have access.

  • Will I see results?

    That depends, are you willing to do the work?

  • What if I'm unhappy with the course?

    You’re encouraged to review it again, and see how you can take responsibility for your energy.  There’s an opportunity for you to uplevel here.  (Honestly, you've got nothing to lose :)

  • What kind of shifts have your clients seen in their business?

    I've seen clients have record sales months during COVID 19, confidently make million dollar decisions they have been putting off, getting out of their own way and creating a multi-tiered platform of offering with trainers leading their teachings.  I’ve seen clients confidently uplevel their offerings, shift their relationships, and love themselves more.  When it comes to Energy Mastery, it supports you in making shifts in any area of your life or business.

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